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Freestone Design is a small team of web professionals operating in Boulder, Colorado. The company was founded by Quinn Gurnea, and has been delivering compelling products since 2005.

Our reputation is our only form of marketing, and word-of-mouth referrals are the majority of our clientele. We will only take on projects that are a good fit as we aim to delivery quality over quantity.

What we enjoy most are the ongoing relationships with our clients, and the teamwork it takes to really accelerate your business. Our work is meant to last, and our relationships the same.

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Cache us outside

We’re also avid outdoorsmen. We work hard to stay on the leading-edge of technology and all-things-web, but otherwise we’re somewhere in Colorado’s backcountry, fly-fishing, skiing or climbing. And, yes, we’ve been know to take clients along for the fun!

Before you go, check out OpenStreamflow, our handy new streamflow app.

Design & Development

We’re graphic designers, software engineers, and developers of all things neat.

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