How We Do It

The Process

In general, most projects begin with a phone call. This is our first chance to get to know you and your current situation. We’ll discuss your current site (if applicable) and what your goals are for the new project.

Once we get a good understanding of your company and the scope of the new project, we put together a formal proposal of goals and solutions, along with an estimation of cost.

Once we move on to design, the fun really begins. Your logo, website, or app comes together in photoshop or illustrator first. You can watch it grow and evolve as it takes shape of your vision.

If we’re building a website, you have multiple platforms to choose from. Most modern sites require a CMS (content management system) of some kind, as most of our clients prefer to do some editing on their own and keep blogs, so this will be one of the first things we need to discuss. There are many types of CMS out there, and there are pros and cons to each.

If we have our choice, overall speed and performance is the priority above plugin libraries and heavy databases, but we can build on anything you like.

If you ask any web developer, they can tell you that no website is ever really finished, so we also provide ongoing support after site launch.

We want you to love your new stuff!


Getting Started

Whether you’ve been visualizing a new logo or dreaming of a new website, great! Conceptualizing the needs and goals for your business is the first step.

The next thing to do is get in touch so we can discuss what you have in mind. A quick conversation about your expectations, your budget, and your timeframe sets the wheels in motion.

So now you know what we’re all about. Have any further questions, or ready to get started?

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